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Small Business Dubai UAE

Credit Card Machines are becoming Important part in every small business. Now the World is changing to a cashless economy. So you must understand the latest Payment Technologies prevailing in market. You should mould your business accordingly!

Mostly at the moment you are accepting only cash at your shop and some customers are going back without purchasing lack of cashless payments. That is why you are here , You are at the right place. We can help you out to buy right credit card machine for your small business that will work today and in future as well.

Let’s See some business situations everyday our customers asking to us.

situation#1 “My customers want to pay with their mobile phone, but we don’t have the device”

Solution: Small business can accept payments through contactless cards and digital wallets with a stand alone payment terminal.

Latest Credit Card Machines will do much more than accepting traditional credit and debit card payments. all the new credit card processing machines are equipped with near field communication(NFC) technology. NFC allows to accept payments by contactless cards, mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, Smart Watches.

So all the new credit card machine for small business are capable to accept mobile payments.

situation#2 ” I have a restaurant in Dubai UAE some times customers will ask credit card machine when going for delivery so can i take the machine to customer?”

Solution: Now a days almost all the companies are providing wireless credit card machines for small business, this does not require a wired connection it works on a gsm sim card. so you can take the payment terminal to the customer.

situation#3 ” I am doing exhibitions in malls and all some of my customers asking for cashless payments “

Solution: As long as you are holding valid trade license you can purchase credit card payment terminal for your company.

situation#4 ” I have a personal account, so if I buy visa card machine, is it possible to transfer funds to my personal account?”

Solution: Business Bank Account is mandatory for using credit card machine in UAE.

situation#5 ” How much is the price and processing charge for credit card machine?”

Solution: price of the machine and processing charge will vary depends on industry to industry contact us to know more about the charges.

situation#6 “How long it will take to reflect the payment on my bank account?”

Solution: After making the transaction within 24 hours we will settle all the transactions in last day to your bank account.

Now We believe you got basic awareness on how the credit card processing terminal works. for buying a new credit card payment terminal for your  business Contact on 0523309846.


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